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18 February 2011 @ 09:08 pm
Snarky physics  
My recent physics class involved a book written by a very preachy author. I have come to the conclusion that text books should be written by multiple authors to avoid this sort of problem. Conceptual Physics, 11th Edition, by Paul G. Hewitt is filled with his advice about non-physics related things like politics and biology, which he makes clear that he doesn't actually understand.

So, in my (not-so) spare time, I made snarky comments in the margins when something in the book really irritated me. I suppose this was one of the ways I stayed sane while cramming so much information into my brain.

Why physicists shouldn't be nutritionists.

In addition to this, he also raved about the technophilic physicist who started the "Venus Project," part of that whacko documentary, "Zeitgeist: Addendum." Yes, apparently lots 'n lots o' flashy sci-fi technology is going to save the world.

This was just a result of my accumulated frustration.

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